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Flamingo - Birthday Cupcake Toppers

£ 5.75

Buy Flamingo Cupcake Toppers For Your Little Ones Party

These Flamingo Cupcake Toppers bring the Sunshine summer feel to any Birthday Party any time of the year. Flamingos with their long neck and legs are the perfect shape for cupcake toppers as their legs double as sticks.


  • Includes pack of 10 Cupcake Toppers . 3 Green Palms, 4 Flamingo pink glitter Flamingos & 3 Gold glitter Flamingos.
  • Size: Each Cupcake Topper is 5 cm high (approx)
  • Each Cake Topper is original and Handmade .
  • Made to order and sent the next day.


Ideas of additional Party Decorations for your Birthday Party:

  • Happy Birthday Flamingo large Cake Topper personalised with your name.
  • Happy Birthday Banner
  • Party Straws.
  • Themed Confetti.
  • Table Name
  • More of the same!

 Inspired By Alma - Party Decorations.



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