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First Birthday Winter ONEderland Snow Flake Cupcake Toppers | Packs of 6

£ 2.95

Buy these First Birthday Winter ONEderland Snowflake Cupcake Toppers.

The perfect Winter ONEderland First Birthday theme. These Cupcake Toppers are decorated with Silver Snowflakes to continue the popular Pink and Silver Winter Wonderland Birthday Party theme.


  • Cupcake Toppers. 6 Silver Glitter Snowflakes decorated with pink bows.


    • Available in lots of different colours. Not just pink and silver.
    • Handmade to order.
    • A stylish colour combination with a clean unique design.
    • Great new low price. Incredible Value pack.
    • A full range of matching Winter ONEderland themed Party Decorations.

    How to order. Just select pack size and colour options.

    Do not hesitate to request a custom order for a different number of items.

    Ideas of Matching ONEderland Party Decorations:

    • ONEderland themed Party Pack
    • ONEderland themed Snow Flake Party Straws.
    • First Birthday Cupcake Toppers.
    • Pink and Silver Garland.

    Inspired By Alma - Custom Party Decorations For Every Occasion.

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