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Cupcake Toppers - Custom Birthday Age

£ 7.05

Buy These Birthday Custom Age Cupcake Toppers

These double sided Birthday Cupcake Toppers can be customised with any age number of your choice to add to your personalised Birthday celebration. Number Cupcake Toppers will look very stylish on any Party table and can be used not just on Cupcakes but any food such as Cheese cake, Muffins and Cheese.


  • Includes 10 Cupcake toppers
  • Available in lots of different Glitter colours including Gold Glitter,Silver Glitter Red, Green and much more!
  • Size: "one" is 2.5 cm high by 9 cm long. 1 x 2.5 " (approx and depending on number of letters)
  • Each Cupcake Topper is original and Handmade.
  • Will make a wonderful prop for a Smash Cake Picture.

How to order:

Select the colour and wording from the options given.

If you would like to have any variation on color or quantity please leave a note at checkout.

Ideas of other Birthday Party Decorations:

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  • Name or themed Confetti.
  • Table Names for guest
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Inspired By Alma - Party Decorations.


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